Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The quietness of a small town

Apart from spending the good part of a day in my 'favourite' government office applying for a rubbish interim payment before I start work in March, I have had the luxury of spending a few days at home just hanging about. My knitting has enjoyed the time but so has Mum, utilising my extra set of hand for all manner of household chores. The other day, just as dad and I had emptied out a storage shed the heavens decided to open. I forget how beautiful and green the world can look after some rain. After living in Wagga for 3 years you forget that the rest of the world isnt brown.

The jacarandas and Illawarra flame trees are in bloom at the moment, I got a great photo of the ones close to home, but do you think I can find my camera cable... nope! So photos are still on hold, and my camera only takes photos when it feels like it.

So when my hands are sick of knitting I have been listening to the audiobook of Pride and Prejudice, its kinda cheating, I usually love reading books, but I find the langauge a bit too much and listening to it is a bit less daunting. Im enjoying it alot and I havent seen any film adaptations so the story is all new to me.

My ravelry has also been getting alot of attention, all of my needles have been catalogued using the needles and hooks tab and I am surprised by how many I have accumulated seeing as I only started knitting in May. Boredom is a wonderful motivator. The following days hold similar activities. Although I do have a date with a friends ball making doovy watsit on friday so I can tame my lumps of 4 ply remnants picked up from the Wangaratta ACS outlet at $27.50/kg which works out at $1.50 per 50 gram ball, which is very cheap. Thankyou to gypsy retired parents for travelling to that part of Oz to buy them for me.

Anyhoo, I should return to my ravelry and the woes of Elizabeth (what a great name). xxx

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Melanie said...

LOL I know what you mean about the greenery, I love going home to the valley because it's so much nicer than the brown plains of Wagga :D

That's nice that you got to chill out at home. I wish I could have, instead of only getting a short night at home before driving away again. I think it would have been better if I had time to stop first, because I was having dinner with all my family when it just got to be too much and I cried. Stupid teariness!

Got to go and do chores, not even at my own house!