Saturday, November 28, 2009

My first post

I was thinking the other day, now that Ive left uni I should find a way to let my friends know what Im up to. This was my solution. After spending 3 years in Wagga Wagga Ive left behind a big group of friends from uni and the group kandksands who I will miss dearly.

Now I am home in Kangaroo Valley to spend the summer knitting, contemplating my future and getting outdoors with my family.
Hopefully I will be able to regularly update with what Ive been up to and lots of photos as well (once my dodgy camera is replaced.)

Today Ive spent the day trying to keep out of the heat and managing to get some knitting done. My marigolds were in need of some love and affection so they've being fertilised, thinned out and watered. I still need to transplant some to other places but hopefully they will great for some summer colour near the house. If I can get some decent photos around the yard Ill show you the progress of my favourite flower and namesake of my childhood tooth fairy, marigold.

Im currently working on my third shawl, colonnade and cant wait to be able to wrap it around my shoulders when the sea breeze pick up at Shellharbour, where we holiday over summer. The wool was hand-dyed with food colouring and I am still in awe of the colours which it made. The two closest colours are the colonnade and the green/yellow has already been morphed into a herbivore. More photos will come in the following days.