Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Crazy Warm Weather Knitting

Yes I am officially knitting nuts! I have just finished a 10 ply meret in the middle of summer! Mostly because I am sick of 4 ply and wanted a change from my current shawl obsession. So here are pics of it being worn by my marigolds:

Myself in a singlet top and a winter beret, lol:

And Mums Royal Doulton, hehe:

And now that it is finished I am moving back to a shawl. I thought a springtime bandit with black BWM would be something fun to attempt in the middle of summer so that I will actually be able to see the stitches! I have no idea who will get any of these projects but I am still making things, and making things........... and making things.
On the nursing front..... I have confirmation of my start date and my rotations during the year. Medical, Surgical, Peri- operative then Mental Health. Three months at each. Ive also been given my annual leave dates in September, so a cruise is probably my best option. Been looking at one that leaves from Brissy so I will be able to look around the city, which Ive never been to before and probably see Ma and Pa who will be around Qld as well.
Next week Im heading south for Maikhas and my long awaited Vic holiday! Lots of things planned in Echuca, Bendigo, Wangaratta and a detour through Myrtleford to see a mate. Photos will follow soon after we return.
BTW, I would have posted a photo of my Registration Certificate but I dont know how to do the fuzzy out thingy to block out the personal stuff on it! I am so proud of it I am willing to tell everyone, even blogland!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Me and my Pup

SO, FINALLY! I have a new camera and considering my two most constant companions in 2010 so far have been my dog and my knitting Im dedicating a post to them.
What a great model, after I tried to untangle him from all the loose ends he decided it was a game and sat on it and didnt give it back without a fake bite fight.

Im really happy with my gaenor Ive gone to 15 lace repeats on the increase section so it will be 30 repeats in total and now Im onto my 5th lace repeat on the decrease section. Peewee is always sitting next to me or watching me from his bed. He stayed up til midnight to welcome in the new year with me and when Im home alone never lets me leave his sight so he can always protect me, cos I need saving by a dog who stands at 1 foot tall, lol.

In other matters I have received a visit from Maikha and had a day off work, my first for the new year, and now my darling grubby brother is home to play poker, hang out with mates and generally never be at home. My camera is wonderful, a Canon Ixus 95 10 MP and is green, Maikha helped me get a great deal at Hardly Normal (Harvey Norman) cos Im too much of a baby to wangle a deal out of anyone.

Oooh! I almost forgot, I am officially a registered nurse, I was added to the register of NSW on the 4th of January 2010. I received my certificate of registration in the mail today and have showed it to everyone, even some random customers in the shop while I was showing it to my Nan. All is well, my life is moving forward and Im earning money at the same time!