Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lets have a blog whinge

Ok, so Christmas was awesome, and so was my cousins wedding but I have no photos of either because I have flogged my camera to its last photo and nothing I do will make it come back from the dead. My Mums ruby isbel is complete and has been blocked in he bedroom which is empty because Im the only one home. I didnt even get to see mum for her birthday : ( Ive been working at my cousins lolly shop in KV and Ive been very good as to not eat all of the stock, only a few sneaky lollies while Im bagging them up. However, Ive been packing a very health lunch and walking to and from work each day which is making up for the lollies.

Im starting to think about what the new year will bring, a holiday (with my boy in Vic, BWM here I come), my Dad turning the big 6-0, the Valley Show, a move and new career in Goulburn, graduation ceremony, hopefully a few more holidays, maybe a bit of studying, and the best bit, planning for 2011; where Im gonna go after my new grad year!

My knitting planning is also on my mind, pavo real is a pattern I have been mulling over, damson is waiting for some awesome sock yarn to fall into my lap and my springtime bandit will start soon in some beautiful 8 ply from BWM. Im also thinking about if the pavo real will be my ravelympics project but then it wont be ready to be entered into the Valley Show. After years of wandering the pavillion I will finally have somethings worth entering!

Hope everyone a great NYE, Ill be on the lounge with my knitting and dog, how sad, lol.

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Melanie said...

At least you had a good time! Maybe you can get a new camera for (late) christmas... ;D

When were you guys thinking of coming to Victoria? If I'm there (I seem to be all over the place these hols) you could always stop by in good old Myrtleford :D