Saturday, February 13, 2010

A crazy holiday, craft and my lack of ravelympic-ing!

So our Vic holiday was awesome!

I spent over $200 on yarn from BWM and Wangaratta Woollen Mills.
Mostly I bought Luxury in various plys and colours but also got hold of some Harmony to try out, one ball of 4 ply cotton in Wild Lavender. But best of all was 600g of 8 ply cotton in Papaya and 950g of 4 ply cotton in a yellow called Primrose which must have been a special order cos its a random colour. The papaya I am undecided about what it will morph into, but the yellow is already destined to be myrtle cardigan. Which will be my first cardigan and I think to be rather ambitious for someone who hasnt been knitting a year yet. Swatching will start soon and then Ill know if Im being crazy.

At Wangaratta I got mostly got bright colours of 8 ply in blues, purples and greens. I can see lots of beanies being knitted for family for years to come. Melanie and I caught up for lunch and I dont think I shut up the whole time I was there, telling her about everything thats been happening (Im a chatterbox!)

Apart from knitting related stuff on holidays, Maikha and I enjoyed lots of scrumptious meals, relaxing in the spa, went down into the Deborah Mine in Bendigo, to the Chinese Museum and along the tram route. We also got drowned getting on and off the Emmy Lou in Echuca and went to the great Aussie Beer Shed and took photos of trains for Maikha to sell to the train magazines he writes for.

Since getting back to Shellharbour we have been swimming lots, Ive been knitting baby booties for a cousins who is expecting any day now and I even took an overnight trip to Sydney Childrens Hospital with a cousin and her youngest who has CF. He hasnt been putting on weight and has a scope to check out his insides. All was good and we got home within 24 hours of leaving.

We found a new beading and scrapbooking shop in Oak Flats and bought the supplies to copy a scissor toggle mum has had for years. Of course mine had to include an owl! Ive also been roped into making them for everyone else who bought them, cos I was the only person under 50 in the caravan park, therefore, having the sharpest eyes.

Ive decided not to do any ravelympic-ing this year. Kangaroo Valley show is in the middle of it and I dont think I would get anything finished. Ive got too many projects on the needles which I need to get finished off to streamline my knitting bags to take to Goulburn in March.

Speaking of Goulburn, I made a massive purchase to take with me! A WAECO CF 50 DZ. The DZ stands for dual zone, so it has a fridge, freezer and dairy comparment which all work at once. Its 47 litres and so much easier than a bar fridge which is hard to transport. It cost me a pretty penny but will be worth it in 30 years time when its still working. Dad has 38L and 40L Engel fridges which he loves and go to Qld with him every year.

So thats my crazy life at the moment. I feel like I havent stopped all summer. Today Im off to one of the local cafes to join into their knitting group. Unfortunately it will only be a one off cos they only meet once a month but Im having withdrawals from my Wagga knitting group and will be happy to see what everyone else is knitting.

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sapphire_kittum said...

I don't think that it is ever too soon to knit a cardigan. I mean, you have already mastered shawls, so all of the hard stuff is in there. BTW, my first ever project was a cardigan. Admittedly, it was a baby sized one and it was in garter stitch, but I could do it, and I had been knitting less than a month. Just go for it, I have a lot of faith in your abilities.

I miss the Wagga knitting group too. I was saying to Kylie when I saw her last week that we should all just give up and move back to Wagga. Everything seemed to work well there.